Rain Dance

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…but inside my head it's frightful too. So let it snow. Or more accurately, let it rain. And it is, after six months of ominous drought. In this realm, Jane and I experience frequent conflict, vis-à-vis optimism versus pessimism. The absence of precipitation signals, for me, the heat death of the planet. But, of course, as with most things, the meteorological signals are mixed. The current forecast is, more or less, 40 days and 40 nights…or in a more Read more [...]


Apologies, gentle reader, for my lapses in the blogosphere. Where have I been? Not far. In fact, as close as one can get to blogging, vis-à-vis, writing. The book. I am working diligently to finish the damn book. Of course, I have been a place or two. The San Francisco office of the California Department of Motor Vehicles being the latest. I was there twice. First, to attempt to get a new driving permit and a thing called a Real ID. The latter is either a manifestation of the security state Read more [...]


The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. I have never run this one by my Episcopal wife but would value her views. I mean the whole thing smacks of the obvious. Why not say "God is a rip off artist" and be done with it? I can only describe it as profound disappointment, my recent experience with driving. Yes, this is a tiresome and prevailing theme of my blog. But really, just when I seemed to be on a neuromuscular roll, dammed if the deistic powers that be didn't, you know, taketh away. Being Read more [...]


When a blog topples in the forest and no one hears it…has it fallen? And if it has, how do we know it? Or more to the point, who can say that this adapted Zen riddle isn't fake news? My excuse is that I have been working on a book. Which is only slightly better than claiming to have been abducted by aliens. Actually, I might prefer the aliens. This book itself has become alien, so long has it been in process. Tote that barge, lift that bail. I had a sleepless night. Jane is gone, leaving Read more [...]

Jane Away

I could complain of the weather, sunlight having only been available on a limited basis lately in this meteorologically contrarian burg. But I shan't. Wouldn't be wise, not in terms of tempting fate and so on. On this our globally warmed planet, what's to worry about a little fog? What's to worry about in general, being 72 years of age and too far down the road of life to justifiably concern oneself with much of anything. But worry I do. Especially at night. Especially when Jane is off doing something Read more [...]

Greenhouse Effect

William Blake, if my feeble knowledge serves me, used to sit around naked reading and sometimes receiving visitors. While I cannot attest to similar experience, there is at least a parallel in my current penchant for hanging out in my greenhouse. Yes, there is a potting shed behind the house where on many a pleasant day I have been known to retire for considerable periods. San Francisco is a windy place, and the greenhouse provides a glassy chamber that both traps heat and excludes wind. It is a Read more [...]