24th Street

Of late I have been barely dipping my toes in the Peet's experience, waving hello to the middle-aged guys who hang out most mornings...then speeding back to my so-called work. That is to say, the revision of my forthcoming book. How long it's been forthcoming I don't like to think, but that's another matter. The matter at hand is the locals in the coffee hangout that has been at the center of my neighborhood life for so long. So long, Peet's...that's the next stage. The next stage out of town, that Read more [...]

Fresh Start

There are some unsold books sitting in a museum in Scottsdale...and table settings for myriad diners that should be in Iowa...and a Japanese film I need to return to my neighbor...and a plaid shirt that belongs to someone in Salisbury. And all these pieces need to be rearranged, placed in their correct slots before the next stage. Or do they? What's behind it all are the factors of time and necessity, present or not present in varying degrees. And none of it matters, or all of it matters, as a Read more [...]