Lunch in the Tenderloin

Stephen and I were in the Punjab…no, not the subcontinent, the restaurant in the Tenderloin…at the precise moment Donald Trump was making his latest announcement regarding immigrants. I like the Punjab. As Indian restaurants go, it's not in the major leagues. But it's fine for San Francisco which doesn't know from Indian food. And it's family-run. And the people are wonderful. And you can have a reliable go at sagh, chicken tikka and bindhi without much worry. Not knowing the immigration status Read more [...]

Funny Thing

Fear is a funny thing. It is what has been driving me up and down the hills of San Francisco for months. The fear being multifaceted…fear of loss of body and physical control…fear of loss of driving and the independence that goes with it. The real issue being how to react. After all, some fears are well grounded. Some are less so, being oblique manifestations of something else. So, how to chart a course through all this? The answer in part has to do with the body. I have had to tune into mine Read more [...]