Grief, I keep reminding myself, involves a certain amount of anxiety. In fact, pervasive and ongoing anxiety. Who says? Mourning and Mitzvah says, and the book is my only available resource. Doubtless there are other books, but who’s got the time? Besides, I like this one. A local rabbi gave it to me. Anyway, anxiety or not, I have had some interesting countervailing experiences. Medical ones, as a matter of fact. All of which served to remind me that I am relatively healthy, neuromuscular Read more [...]


Fog settles in and out of San Francisco. It was briefly out yesterday, and this morning returned with a vengeance. Not that this matters in any tangible way, except for mood. Mine, that is. The summer began with the death of my cousin Bob, friend, contemporary. And it has continued with thoughts of my own death—which while not on the horizon, is on the table. Meanwhile, I am on the bed, and alone, owing to Jane’s current absence at a diocesan retreat. Retreats are good. We all need them. Read more [...]