How easily one gets knocked off one's neuromuscular perch. Only yesterday I was en route to have a long overdue lunch with my old friend Arnie. When damned if my one working foot didn't keep snagging on the brake. When you put a finer point on this, the edge of the sole of my left shoe would briefly catch just under the pedal. And to be clear, for a reaction-compromised driver, to have one's limbs mispositioned 'briefly' is way too long. I would like to think that time and experience will help me Read more [...]

They Say

They say it's your birthday.... And being of the Beatles generation, those words...opaquely sardonic as they are...sum it all up. And what is that sum? They say, indeed. They say lots of things. And on this day I say, believe it or not, rejoice in survival...not only of the organism, but of the spirit. And rejoice that my organism and spirit are sharing both physical and temporal space with Jane who has a whoopee attitude towards celebrating the date of one's birth. As we have done already. My shower Read more [...]


It is 4 PM, and somehow the day has gone. Where? Jane and I went out. Then we came back. For two introverts this describes an exhausting sequence. We took a nap. Now it is 4 PM in this, the winter of our discontent, except that it is still autumn and I am not so much discontent as impatient. I have writing to do, or think I do. Unfortunately, on the way to writing was life. No, fortunately, and this has added up to a good life. Acknowledging some serious bumps in the road, a.k.a. chasms in the street. Read more [...]