Yes, last night was very different from all other nights. Only not, on account of I have been going to Seders at the home of my cousins, Gregg and Ruth, for a good 30 years. And they have been good. I am mostly good myself, only a bit less now owing to the mortal gear shifting currently underway, vis-à-vis independence. Still, last night was a help in many ways. Largely because, as they say, the journey was more important than the destination. Or at least as important. Good Friday. What’s good Read more [...]


“Unbelievable,” I mutter as the voice recognition software balks at my first command. The first command in this digital world, as in all worlds, being “listen.” What is my frustration? Why don't you hear me. That’s it, more or less. And of course the question is contained in the question. Who is “you” and who is “me?” Why don’t I listen to myself…more frequently and more openly. That is the question. The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind. And what a frightening Read more [...]


Fancy living on the edge? Actually, no. My life has a few too many edges, thank you very much. Yet when I think about it, aging with a disability – or living with a disability – involves lots of sharp edges. The trick is not to get cut on them. Anyway, this being the metaphorical way of explaining that Jane and I are setting off on a trip that will have me somewhat on my own, that is to say, without her. And the “edge” simply refers to the next stage of incapacity. Balance? General strength? Read more [...]

Jewish Home

When I got home, exhaustion overwhelmed me. Outside I went, on the terrace, one that overlooks where I had just been. It was all too much. I tilted back in my wheelchair and took in the first truly warm and sunny day of this, our springtime. And I tried to tune into my brief morning visit to San Francisco’s Jewish Home. An old friend, a long-retired editor and columnist with the San Francisco Chronicle, is staying there. But actually to put a finer point on it, is dying there. I brought him some Read more [...]

Long Game

You know you are old when someone in the T Mobile shop grabs your mobile phone and in one nanosecond corrects the annoying digital behavior that has so plagued your life. Why didn’t I know that a half-moon shape concealed in a pop up menu sends calls directly to voicemail…or not? I, of course, opted for not. Yes, there was a 15 minute wait while other patrons actually purchased phones. Never mind. I was satisfied. Armed with superior knowledge, I rolled out into the open world. The sort of Read more [...]


Dear readers, both of you, thanks for your patience. And thanks for mine. For patience is what it takes to write a book. Actually, revise a book. And I have very little, it turns out. Very little patience. And, yes, very little book. Having squandered months, it seems, on chapter #1. Actually, I find the whole thing embarrassing. But maybe that’s my problem. Who knows how long it takes to write a book? Too long, in my opinion. Driving to Noe Valley takes no time at all. Or it takes a week, depending Read more [...]