All you need is love, some famous songsters once observed. And by the end of this day, I couldn't agree more. I've been out of sorts since the a.m. Everything seems hard. Exercise, cleaning up my office. Everything. And then Jane and I have a brief cuddle in the afternoon, some hugging time between her church newsletter and my untended emails. And this makes all the difference. Thank God I have this option, this relationship. As for the rest of the day.... What is so difficult about cleaning Read more [...]

Mountain Dance

The trip, and its difficulties, began in my bedroom. That's where I switched from the Swedish to the collapsible. I am not fond of the folding electric wheelchair. Yes, it can fit in the trunk of Jane's little car, but there are trade-offs, aren't there? Comfort, for one. Actually, when your body is compromised, comfort counts for a lot. Maneuverability is the other thing. This complicated by the difference between my front-wheel drive Swedish chair and this flimsier reardrive model. Whatever Read more [...]

Comeback Trail

The comeback there one? More to the point, is there always one? Or, viewed differently, who maintains it? And can one always find the trailhead? You're not walking enough, my physical medicine emissaries keeping intoning. Of course, if you're doing something like writing, not to mention reading, you do find yourself sitting. And as walking grows more difficult...and with age, what doesn' is terribly easy to walk less and less. The antidote being walking more and more, which Read more [...]