I take heart…where I can. Who doesn't? Important to compare notes. Key to weaving the social fabric. And we need all we can get. Of course, there's the lettuce. Salad on the brink. Quite a bit in my greenhouse, and more on the way. A gift that keeps on giving, or at least, photosynthesizing. In fact, there are days when I repair to the greenhouse, tilt my wheelchair back and enjoy. Precisely what I am enjoying is rather difficult to tell. On many days, it is simply shelter from the maritime Read more [...]


Mostly, I feel tired. This is partly attributable to having gotten over a cold. And, maybe not quite over. But a lot of it has to do with the ongoing emotional overhead of getting robbed at my doorstep…in a wheelchair…with all the unpleasant resonance of my previous injury. And although this is real enough, I must remember that it is a first world problem. Yes, I have had trouble getting my replacement iPhone (the stolen one was fortunately insured) fully operational again. Meaning that I can't Read more [...]


Next time you consider getting mugged, don't underestimate the silver lining. Friends rally round. And in my case it's not just the rallying. People seem to understand how one mugging resonates with another. Obvious? Well not to everyone. I have good friends. That is the point. As for the event itself–getting robbed in broad daylight at my front door–there are enduring lessons. And most are more or less practical. First, disabled people are not off-limits. I may have assumed that even among Read more [...]