Decking Halls

Deck the halls and hit the decks…lots of eggnog, not much sex. Yes, it's Christmas. And I spent the day overeating…and either I have forgotten Christmases past, which is entirely plausible, or my overindulgence was a bit feverish this year. I mean, when you experience compulsion, you do have to ask, what's so compelling? And for me the most fever-inducing news comes from a research arm of the United Nations. Which has set out to study poverty in America. While asking a most obvious but disturbing Read more [...]

Street Smarts

I am reading Salon editor Andrew O’Hehir's latest…and find it frighteningly accurate. Nevermind Trump's penchant for 'alternative facts.’ Consider the public's. Well, I'm not considering it too long. I seem to have settled into a fact-based life this week. And so far I can report that it's relatively painless. Where do I begin? Let's take Tuesday's drive to San Francisco's Civic Center. The name speaks for itself. That's where the civic stuff is. I simply set out, noting that my ankle was Read more [...]