Yes, I am tired, but in this already altered state, alert to the fine layer of sand, a thick coating practically in drifts, atop my wheelchair batteries. Rare view of this, my portable world. But the shower bench inside this disabled-equipped room at Bryce Canyon Lodge accomplishes just that. Gets me not only out of the wheelchair and out of my routine, but into an environment that is all about that. Environment. And one thing about the environment, well, it's windy, sandy, and various other things. Read more [...]

On your Feet

If you ever doubt that the disabled world is an exceedingly small one, consider my current frontier - walking. Anywhere. And, let us be frank, virtually any distance. Next time I raise my eyebrows at someone hooked on methamphetamine, do remind me about wheelchairs. Yes, they are addictive. They are a crutch, if you happen to be in a 12 step program. Otherwise, if you are disabled and 12 steps seem like an awful lot, they are not a crutch. In fact, a crutch represents an enormous step up. Not Read more [...]