Tendon is the Night

Tendon. While, it is not a particularly intimate or erotically charged part of human anatomy, one doesn't want it on a menu. Yet there it was, staring at me, while I had a time-killing Chinese lunch at the restaurant next door to California Rehabilitation Equipment, Sunnyvale. Downright creepy, it was. No way around it, fried tendon, fricassee of tendon, even baked, however essential this body part may be to physical medicine, its presence in a list of stirfry options...well, it is enough to put Read more [...]

In the Valley

I am hurtling home from the Caltrain station, proceeding at speed up Santa Cruz Ave., main drag of this, my burg. All this "hurtling" and "at speed" occurs entirely inside my head, of course. Still, my wheelchair can move faster than the average human pace, and this I find gratifying. Equally, I find it maddening when some human blocks my forward progress. I am the battery-powered king of the road, or at least the footpath, and I want this joker out of my way. The latter proves to be a man of Read more [...]

Old Vinyl

Exhaustion. What is it, why is it, and how can it be eradicated? That is the question. There are a few other questions, of course, but they are all subsidiaries of the one described above. With sufficient energy, one can do anything. Except sleep. At least on some nights. Which leads to exhaustion. And also leads to one flying out the door, actually, rolling, just to get away from the morning's most egregious fatigue-related embarrassment. Which all started with a car, more precisely a van, Read more [...]

Terminal Stage

So what is the news that isn't news? Well, that you and United Airlines have been seeing a lot of each other lately. Are you dating? Just good friends? Have you gone all the way? Is Hawaii all the way? Thing is, it doesn't matter. Note that the actual trip, the purpose behind it, the unexpected pleasures and unintended benefits of my visit to Phoenix, Arizona...all of that was splendid. Yes, it came a bit too close to my flight home from Hawaii. So what? Even the Mission Palms Hotel seemed less Read more [...]

North Shore

Thing about holidays, any holiday, is that there's no holiday from oneself. This being the essential instruction for the introvert on vacation don't expect too much. Or expect way too much. It doesn't matter. Either way, you wind up with that essential piece of baggage: yourself. No getting away from it. Although that is exactly what you are on holiday to do. Get away from it all, or so the expression goes. On the other hand, the inner measurement always registers best, lets one know what's happening, Read more [...]