Sometimes the story of life needs to be coaxed. Too much travel can kill it, I am convinced. Making me redefine travel these days. A balance is what's needed. Once I have traveled enough at home, facing the great screen of word processing life, then it's time to hit the physical road. Now the road is here. It does not lead very far. I don't want it to. Accompanied by Alexandra and Matt, twentysomethings, I reencounter the Menlo Park Farmer's Market. I knew they would like the place. Alexandra, Read more [...]

A Night Out

"I can't do it," an old friend told me. We had both received an invitation to a reunion, if that is the word, of a long defunct public relations agency. We both worked there for several years in the 1980s, both got our careers going there. But although these words are accurate enough, they do not do the situation justice. For someone half paralyzed and already into the second half of his 30s, this was an extraordinary opportunity. Injured at age 21 and without full-time work until age 32, I knew Read more [...]

The 205

I would say it's my favorite city, but truly it is my only city, at least the only big one I have known. So it's London for things truly urban. And there are more things than you can shake a stick at there. Many more. And the rate at which London changes means that those things, or those sticks, keep shaking differently. Yes, this metaphor is exhausted, but so am I. Thus, jetlag.   I spent much of my time on this trip worrying. Family matters from back home were preoccupying me. But that's Read more [...]