Valencia Street

These days are bitter with anticipation. Things are not quite falling apart…but their disintegration is imminent. And, of course, the simplest things are fraught. Time to change the oil in my car? Time, indeed. Note that the Dodge Grand Caravan does not have much grandeur by way of mileage. We're talking 9600 miles, or slightly less. And, if you want to know, the oil has been changed once already. Why a second time? Why, if the oil-change cycle is 10,000 miles? Because paranoia, wanting a better Read more [...]

The Road to Hell

Oh, it is a tangled neuromuscular web we weave…this one having lost key stitches at an uncertain point earlier this year. Never mind, for the story really gets interesting this very morning. The crux of the matter involving what might be termed the seat of power. Power being something of an issue in the life of any disabled person. But let's get to the fun part. Being the devil-may-care sort of quadriplegic I am, damned if it didn't dawn on me as I set out on my Sunday morning light-traffic Read more [...]