I may have a cold, but I also have a body, and it’s aching, so I’m off to get some bodywork. Interesting how this word has evolved from the automotive to the corporeal. But there you have it. And although I am run down, I believe in the mysterious healing power of my Rolfer. What is the latter? I’m not sure I really know. A guy who does, you know, bodywork. My trip diagonally across town requires two buses, if one is to exert minimal effort. No buses, if one has the concentration to drive. Read more [...]


Gentle reader, bear with me. This blog has fallen silent. Not for want of interest. But for want of patience. My spirit, or life continuity, recently collapsed, keeling over like a row of dominoes. Which mixes several metaphors. But, at least, uses them. Metaphors, words, the whole thing being suspect as of late. I have a book I keep rewriting. No, I don’t have a book. I have a manuscript I keep rewriting. I would like to have a book, that is the point. Or is it the point? The lack of point is Read more [...]