Raining Kindness

It's all an outrage. I have to drive twice in one day, the same day. First there was that midday automotive schlep to 22nd St., an overland journey approaching1.5 miles. Then there was that vast cross-city expedition to Kaiser Healthcare, deep in San Francisco's Richmond District. Furthermore, it was raining. That is to say, refractive drops of water were rolling down the windshield. And, of course, traffic was rolling down the streets. Far too much of it. But that's San Francisco 2016. There's more Read more [...]


The day dawns wet and gray, and what is a man to do on this January morning but go for a test drive? What is being tested, of course, is the driver. And will he succeed or fail? That is this Saturday's question. It is asked mildly. In truth there is little reason for alarm. But it is a work in progress, this matter of disabled driving. One must keep hammering away. Thing is, hammering on the accelerator really doesn't work. As a control, it is not designed for hammer action. A slow and even depression Read more [...]