Drake’s Beach

At home I have the luxury of a hospital-type bed that electrically cranks up and down and even vibrates if one isn't getting enough vibrations elsewhere…but I am elsewhere now, Point Reyes, to be exact, that surprisingly wild, and at this time of year, empty bit of national parkland just north of San Francisco.  To anyone who doesn't know the region, being "just north" may not sound like what it is. Close is what it is. As the crow flies, the Golden Gate Bridge is less than 20 miles away. Read more [...]

Our Town

I love this town. This ran through my mind as I emerged from Manny's progressive coffeehouse (for want of better descriptive words) this very midmorning. These sentiments are normally hard to come by in San Francisco as it is today. The high-tech boom, which no longer feels like an economic spurt but a long-range condition, has a cold feel. Actually, this is putting it kindly. More of a soulless feel. And when you think of all the music, comedy and political upheaval that emanated from this extraordinarily Read more [...]