“Ever stumble into something…find yourself limping along…or get on a roll? These turns of phrase turned into my life…after getting mugged and shot in the spinal cord at age 21. The ensuing decades of stumbling, limping and rolling have now turned into something else. Including this website, a book…and now visitors like you! Welcome.” – Paul Bendix

Paul BendixBlog: Range of Motion
A Wheelchair Odyssey

  • Speed’s Demons - It’s the anxiety. Mine. Where does it come from? Is fear a concomitant of age? If so, perhaps it’s there for a biological reason. You know, watch the ice on the steps. Try not to topple over in the bathtub. … Continue reading
  • Cat - How do you know when you’re home? In my case, when you sit on a cat. The man who sat on a cat – yes, it sounds straight out of Oliver Sacks – was a man who originally sat in … Continue reading
  • Growth - Sometimes the story of life needs to be coaxed. Too much travel can kill it, I am convinced. Making me redefine travel these days. A balance is what’s needed. Once I have traveled enough at home, facing the great screen … Continue reading
  • A Night Out - “I can’t do it,” an old friend told me. We had both received an invitation to a reunion, if that is the word, of a long defunct public relations agency. We both worked there for several years in the 1980s, … Continue reading
  • The 205 - I would say it’s my favorite city, but truly it is my only city, at least the only big one I have known. So it’s London for things truly urban. And there are more things than you can shake a … Continue reading