“Ever stumble into something…find yourself limping along…or get on a roll? These turns of phrase turned into my life…after getting mugged and shot in the spinal cord at age 21. The ensuing decades of stumbling, limping and rolling have now turned into something else. Including this website, a book…and now visitors like you! Welcome.” – Paul Bendix

Paul BendixBlog: Range of Motion
A Wheelchair Odyssey

  • Jeanette - How very odd it is to see a friend of several decades in an urn beside an altar. Jeanette’s photo stood behind. And about 20 of us sat and watched. I was struck by the beauty of the church. Perhaps … Continue reading
  • The 55 - I suppose it was a bit of island-lag or Polynesian nostalgia that made me look up the price of kona-coffee-coated macadamia nuts online. Surely they couldn’t cost as much as the ones on offer at Honolulu airport just yesterday. Wrong. … Continue reading
  • Home - On Sunday mornings I have a way of leaping in my Dodge and making for the open road. All roads are open on Sunday. All things are possible. All hills are surmountable. And yet when push comes to vehicular shove, … Continue reading
  • Swooping - From Twin Peaks, O’Shaughnessy Boulevard swoops down like an eagle, landing, or one might say perching, in my neighborhood of Glen Park. And with all this avian imagery one would assume that I go swooping too. I don’t. I go … Continue reading
  • Raining Kindness - It’s all an outrage. I have to drive twice in one day, the same day. First there was that midday automotive schlep to 22nd St., an overland journey approaching1.5 miles. Then there was that vast cross-city expedition to Kaiser Healthcare, … Continue reading