“Ever stumble into something…find yourself limping along…or get on a roll? These turns of phrase turned into my life…after getting mugged and shot in the spinal cord at age 21. The ensuing decades of stumbling, limping and rolling have now turned into something else. Including this website, a book…and now visitors like you! Welcome.” – Paul Bendix

Paul BendixBlog: Range of Motion
A Wheelchair Odyssey

  • Bean There - It’s part of my stomping ground, Canyon Market. And damned if I wasn’t stomping…or wheeling…through the place yesterday morning in search of a Saturday morning taster of frijoles when minor disaster struck. The place routinely offers customers samples on the … Continue reading
  • The Orange Canyon - In the olden days waiting for a bus was fraught. One gazed down the street hopefully. The bus either appeared or it didn’t. Meanwhile, one waited. Godot waited too, so this is not without precedent. What Godot didn’t have is … Continue reading
  • That Sinking Feeling - Hurtling down the road of life…damned if I didn’t run into the technology editor of one of the nation’s national newspapers. She is our neighbor. And while her task is to cover Silicon Valley, she admitted to me that this … Continue reading
  • French Connection - Basic advice regarding what might be called multitasking. If you’re going to learn French, go for it and learn French. If you’re going to rent a disabled-accessible van in Paris, go for that too. Just don’t do both at the … Continue reading
  • Power Steering - Hard to say exactly what was happening attitudinally, but there I was waiting for my sister in front of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art…and not being nice to the homeless passersby. One wanted me to buy his newspaper, … Continue reading