“Ever stumble into something…find yourself limping along…or get on a roll? These turns of phrase turned into my life…after getting mugged and shot in the spinal cord at age 21. The ensuing decades of stumbling, limping and rolling have now turned into something else. Including this website, a book…and now visitors like you! Welcome.” – Paul Bendix

Paul BendixBlog: Range of Motion
A Wheelchair Odyssey

  • A Lift - Sic Transit Omni. This pseudo-Latinate motto from Britain’s satirical ‘Private Eye’ magazine was directed at London Transport 45 years ago. I didn’t believe it then, and I don’t believe it now. In any case, things have changed. All transit isn’t … Continue reading
  • Out of the Woods - If my disabled life seems to be narrowing in scope, damned it also doesn’t get wedged. Like a bit of flotsam caught between the rocks. Stuck. Jammed. Going nowhere, not even downstream, fast. But before we get into the details, … Continue reading
  • iPhone, I Conquer - There is a difference between parking on the lower slopes of Twin Peaks and successful microsurgery…but it is too subtle to discern. No, to the naked eye they are one and the same. For once I had wedged my Dodge … Continue reading
  • Locked - Ever feel like changing your mobile phone service? I mean, after all, it is not a radical notion…is it? That’s why after years of overpriced and technologically backward service from AT&T, you’ve decided to throw a little business to T-Mobile. … Continue reading
  • After Class - I don’t know what it is about the calendar currently in use, for the last 2000 years or so. But I find it singularly challenging to understand Tuesdays and Fridays, those being the days when the city fathers of San … Continue reading