“Ever stumble into something…find yourself limping along…or get on a roll? These turns of phrase turned into my life…after getting mugged and shot in the spinal cord at age 21. The ensuing decades of stumbling, limping and rolling have now turned into something else. Including this website, a book…and now visitors like you! Welcome.” – Paul Bendix

Paul BendixBlog: Range of Motion
A Wheelchair Odyssey

  • Buses - I may have a cold, but I also have a body, and it’s aching, so I’m off to get some bodywork. Interesting how this word has evolved from the automotive to the corporeal. But there you have it. And although … Continue reading
  • Back - Gentle reader, bear with me. This blog has fallen silent. Not for want of interest. But for want of patience. My spirit, or life continuity, recently collapsed, keeling over like a row of dominoes. Which mixes several metaphors. But, at … Continue reading
  • Stormy Weather - It’s one of those days when I’m operating under a dark, angry cloud. The latter doubtless of my own making. But the outward expression is varied. Although public transport seems to be an excellent vehicle, no pun intended. It is … Continue reading
  • Digital Memory Lane - Getting things done seems increasingly like a youthful delusion. Here, the practical and perceptual merge. It is increasingly hard to get things done. This is a neuromuscular reality. It is also a psychological or even philosophical reality. Why bother…one might … Continue reading
  • Alarm - Funny thing about writing. There is a distinct ‘use it or lose it’ quality to the endeavor. And in this case having not used it for several days…indeed, what can one say? I can say that Jane has just maneuvered … Continue reading