Thanksgiving. And as there is much to give thanks for, and the older I get the more I appreciate ritual…yes, I say, let us celebrate. Though in a strange way, I will end up celebrating on my own. Somehow there isn’t much “we” in Thanksgiving’s meal ritual. Everyone seems a bit confused about the purpose…except the built in celebration of the family. Not that this isn’t quite splendid. The survival of family ties, the survival of the family members. Let us give thanks.

But let me give thanks. And here I can almost rattle off a list. But it is a life list. Which means none of it is to be taken for granted. First, there is living almost half century beyond my shooting on a Berkeley street. Let us give thanks. And fast forwarding to San Francisco, let us thanks for this house and this life and this wife. None of this seemed possible at one point. This is another point. That life has more than one point, let us give thanks.

And what is the point of all of this? The point is that at this point if there is a point. This is a point in time. There has been much more time than I ever would have guessed. Let us give thanks. How much more time is left? Well, that is the thing. There is more. And that there is anymore at all, let us give thanks.

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